Our Team

Our team is the real fans of his craft. This command breeders and programmers. Team knowledge in canine and ability to collect and provide data in a better way.

Alesenko Elena. Kennel "Divny Drug"

Crazy maniac, collecting information for the database from all imaginable and unimaginable sources.

Kaminin Aleksei

Professional programmer, helping to maintain the base from the day of its foundation.


At the moment, with the addition of dogs to the base and testing we are helped by different people: both professional breeders and ordinary owners. All of them are moderators in the database.

  • Kuzmina Larisa. Kennel "Yuki Kitsune"
  • Voznuk Olga. Kennel "Yunivers Fantazm"
  • Fedotochkina Svetlana. Kennel "Home Tet-A-Tet"
  • Malinia Julia. Breeder of Japanese spitz
  • Shklyaeva Julia. Kennel "Nevastar"
  • Grin Ksenia. Kennel "Bis Grunen Hof"
  • Kulikova Elena. Kennel "Ku-Elen"
  • Ivanova Maria. Kennel "Maridens"
  • Legenkina Arina

At various times in completing the catalog helped us different breeders and owners. Everyone, without exception, want to express our gratitude for their work.

Especially want to mention those breeders who took part in the search and entry information directly to the catalog.

Ulyanchenko Ekaterina and Vesely Gnom Rollik

Special thanks for permission to use the photo of Charlie as the site logo!

Poplavskaya Elena Vladimirovna. Kennel Vesely Gnom

Спасибо за информацию о советских и российских шпицах 80-х и 90-х годов ХХ века!

Shtarkova Evgeniya. Kennel Cinereus Lupus

Thanks for the work on the database, for recording data on the Belarusian breeders and dogs!

Karpova Galina Mikhailovna. Kennel Serebryanaya Shybka

Thanks for the info and pictures about the Russian Keeshond!

Krutova Viktoriya Ivanovna. Kennel Russkoe Serebro

Thanks for the info and pictures about the ancestors of the breed Keeshond in Russia!

Hramova Olga. Kennel Iz Knyaginino

Thanks for the information about the ancestors of pomeranian and klein spitz!

Savitskaya Julia. Kennel AstraZenik

Thank you for the copy of the directory of national shows Spitz in Russia!

Pavlenko Nikolai Karpovich. Kennel Vom Rollenden Haus

Thanks for the information about Japanese Spitz in Russia!

On the website are things made by people that are not about our existence, but thanks to them, the database looks for what it is

Thanks for the icons!

Thanks for the human paged navigation!