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Welcome to our web-portal about your favorite breed - Spitz. Our website is the database of Spitz (all size varieties of the German Spitz including Pomeranian and Keeshond, Japanese Spitz and Volpino Italiano). Here you can find different information both about contemporary dogs, Champions and Pets, and about their ancestors. You can also find information about kennels and breeders of Spitz, and on ordinary owners from around the world.

The main purpose of our database is to combine all available information about Spitz at one resource. We try to collect the most complete data about the Spitz. We and many visitors of the site will be grateful for any information about the ancestors of the breeding lines. You will provide invaluable assistance in the development of the database by sending any possible information about spitz dogs.
If you have any ideas how to make the catalog better, if you see errors (which inevitably happen, for which we sincerely apologize to both breeders and dog owners) - please write to elena@spitz.su
We are open to any dialogue.

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Changes today

We accept any information about the dog, regardless of where and when a dog lived, whether its a photo or not. The presence or absence of titles and descendants is also not a criterion for getting into the database. The only criterion is the availability of pedigree FCI or its partners (for puppies it’s enough if their parents have these pedigrees). We are not adding dogs from the alternative organizations. If you notice such dogs in the database, please email us. The dog was added to the database by mistake.

We do not represent the interests of any kennel or breeder. All the breeders, all the dogs in the database are equal. Any breeder or owner can enter information about their dogs thanks to the pre - and postmoderation system.

If you are the owner of the dog, and you are against placing information about the dog in our catalog, write a letter to elena@spitz.su. Information about dog elena@spitz.su
Information about dog will be removed on demand.

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