Thai Silk Undaunted Experience "Queen"

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Pedigree:  RKF 4732885
Sex:  female
Age:  2 years
Born:  22 октября 2016
Owner:  Lodenos Frederic. Pitomnik "Du Diamant D'or" (Auxerre)


Fon's Flying Prince to Thai Silk Fon's Flying Prince to Thai Silk × 2
COI: 1.3671875 %
Chriscendo Communicado Chriscendo Communicado × 2
CKC NL891969 AKC TR25029102
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico × 2
CKC EA256756 AKC28431001
Sunterra Sweet Surrender Sunterra Sweet Surrender × 1
CKC RG 088951 AKC TR65594401
Tokie The Legend Continues Tokie The Legend Continues × 3
THKC TG 11/0778 CKC 1086485
Tokie Mercury Tokie Mercury × 2
Sunterra Sugar Fix × 1
CKC NJ 957574
Fon's Sport Man Fon's Sport Man × 1
THKC TG11/0802
Fon's Smile Sweetly
THKC TD 1117
COI: 25 %
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms × 2
CKC KJ674330 AKC TP16427301
Foxworth Frontier Spirit Foxworth Frontier Spirit × 1
CKC HJ 554530 AKC TN 94653201
Chriscendo Call Girl Chriscendo Call Girl × 1
AKC TP32491501
Tokie Mercury Tokie Mercury × 2
Tokie Spicy Hot
THKC TE92/006
No data
No data
Rueben Of Lenette Rueben Of Lenette × 1
AKC TR23948301
Aj's Smokin Joe Aj's Smokin Joe × 1
AKC TN39231501
Angela of Lenette
AKC TP21178502
Mac's Frankly My Dear Mac's Frankly My Dear × 1
AKC TN30954501
Aljens Lucky Of Mag Hanter Aljens Lucky of Mag-Hanter × 5
RKF1463559 AKC TR 10874901
Great Elms Mr Chips Great Elms Mr Chips × 1
AKC TN19281402
Starfire's Sara Starfire's Sara × 6
RKF1463557 AKC 16740301
Pominique Wish Upon A Star Pominique Wish Upon A Star
RKF 1771453 AKC TR10477201
Jan-Shar's Charley's Angel Jan-Shar's Charley's Angel
RKF1457990 AKC TR12539004
Jan-Shars N Sync Jan-Shars N Sync × 1
АКС ТР02953204
Canton Black Diamond Canton Black Diamond × 1
AKC TN99180601

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