Loewenburg Sky Dream "Skai"

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COI:  0.390625%
Pedigree:  shchk
Color:  Orange-sable
Sex:  male
Age:  1 year
Born:  10 июня 2018
Breeder:  Alekseeva V. (Gatchina)
Weight:  2400 kg
Height:  23 cm


Silhouette's Sixth Sense Silhouette's Sixth Sense
Sunterra Sweet Surrender Sunterra Sweet Surrender
Tokie The Legend Continues Tokie The Legend Continues
Sunterra Sugar Fix
Jolvin's Legacy Of Ginger Jolvin's Legacy Of Ginger
Mythical Star War Princess Mythical Star War Princess
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms
Powerpom Little Lion Powerpom Little Lion
Aj's Smokin Joe Aj's Smokin Joe
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Rozita Naina
Pomland Tiny Cory Pomland Tiny Cory
Kati Marsel
Cr Chase What Matters Cr Chase What Matters
Starlight's Fun Times Starlight's Fun Times
Windmist Copacabana Windmist Copacabana
Daystar Indian Summer Daystar Indian Summer
Tatiana's Lil Southpaw Man Tatiana's Lil Southpaw Man
Greenetides Tommy  Of Lenette Greenetides Tommy Of Lenette
Nikki Of Lenette Nikki Of Lenette
Jan-Shars N Sync Jan-Shars N Sync
Canton Black Diamond Canton Black Diamond
Yani Vesta Yani Vesta

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