Holli Uayt Bebbi

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COI:  1.66015625%
Mark:  ALL 8966
Color:  White
Sex:  female
Age:  9 months
Born:  15 November 2018
Breeder:  (Chelyabinsk)


Fram Of Chiao Li Ya Fram Of Chiao Li Ya
No data
No data
Queen Of Chiao Li Ya
Dreamteam White The Rocky Dreamteam White The Rocky
Sunterra Steal The Show Sunterra Steal The Show
Mayapom's Japan
Mayapom Baby
White Kingkong Of Dreamteam
No data
No data
No data
No data
Bunnag's White Polar Bear Bunnag's White Polar Bear
Mayopom's Jay Dai
Tokie Mercury Tokie Mercury


Harizmatichnaya Devochka Fortuna
Born: 15 November 2018

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