Emcee's Golden Girl Of Tammy

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COI:  3.13%
Pedigree:  AKC TB932213
Color:  Orange
Sex:  female
Born:  2 February 1980
Litters:  1 litter
Puppies:  2 puppies


Emcee's Solid Gold Diamond Emcee's Solid Gold Diamond
Majestic Sparklin' Diamond
Copyright Of Nanjo
Trademark Of Nanjo
Nanjo Interlude
Model's Truly Fair
My Fancy Ii
Model's Solid Gold
Model's Bewitched
No data
No data
Emcee's Tartan Tam
Lennis's Tar-Baby Of Great Elms Lennis's Tar-Baby Of Great Elms
Lennis' Tom-Tom
Lennis's Spungold Julie


Year of birth in the interval: 1980 - ?
Emcee's Chips Of Diamond
№ pedigree: AKC TB825525
1 litter 2 puppies
Emcee's Terrific Wee
6 litters 7 puppies
Emcee's Chips Ahoy Of Coy
№ pedigree: AKC TC131421
3 litters 3 puppies

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