Great Elms Beauty

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COI:  0.05%
Pedigree:  TM760048/01
Color:  Orange
Sex:  female
Litters:  1 litter
Puppies:  1 puppy


Great Elms Sweet Prince Great Elms Sweet Prince
Cedarwood’S Image Of Diamond Cedarwood’S Image Of Diamond
Model's Truly Fair
Tena Babe
Wee Lucky Kim
Sun-Dot's Mr Punch Sun-Dot's Mr Punch
No data
No data
Lennis' Luv-A-Prima-Vista
No data
No data
No data
No data


Year of birth in the interval: 1986 - ?
Great Elms Master Mark
№ pedigree: AKC TC622172
Born: 18 April 1986
10 litters 13 puppies
Great Elms Mr Chips
№ pedigree: AKC TN19281402
20 litters 23 puppies

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