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Klein spitz

Лагуна Амазинг Дримc
Laguna Amazing Drims
Klein spitz
Age: 7 months
Born: 15.7.2016
Classifieds Post 1 day ago New
Breeder: Petrova Olga
Phone: +7-915-962-40-45
Email: olga123.81@mail.ru
Country: Russia
City: Yaroslavl

About dog: Girl without flaws, good growth for the childbirth, good bone, good movement, 6x6 teeth completely changed everything, scissor bite, no fontanelle. Pedigree RKF (FCI).


Диаманти Делла Вита Виторио Экскалибур
Diamanti Della Vita Vitorio Ekskalibur
Age: 8 weeks
Born: 26.12.2016
Classifieds Post 17 day ago
Breeder: Gunenkova Svetlana
Kennel: Diamanti Della Vita
Country: Rossiya
City: Yaroslavl

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