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Ральф Олби Дон Маркус
Ral'f Olbi Don Markus
Age: 3 months
Born: 5.1.2017
Classifieds Post 22 day ago
Breeder: Yashmanova Olga Borisovna
Kennel: Ralf Olbi
Phone: 8.963.434.46.44
Email: borispol583@yandex.ru
Country: Russia
City: Kirov
Блисс Либерти Алекса Шик
Bliss Liberti Aleksa Shik
Age: 11 weeks
Born: 11.2.2017
Classifieds Post 20 day ago
Breeder: Kulikova Ekaterina
Kennel: Bliss Liberti
Phone: 79091384848
Email: ekaterina_kulikova_79@mail.ru
Country: Rossiya
City: Kirov

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