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Sanni Pom Peris Briz "Timaton"

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Pedigree:  RKF 3889943
Tattoo/Chip:  DGR 3280
Color:  Orange
Sex:  Male for breeding
Age:  4 years
Born:  13 января 2014
Breeder:  Vasileva Larisa Nikolaevna. Pitomnik "Sanni Pom" (Moskva)
Weight:  2,2 kg
Height:  21 cm


Aljens Fashionably Pierre Cardin Aljens Fashionably Pierre Cardin
RKF3428283 AKC TS11019303
Exotic Dream Machine Exotic Dream Machine × 1
AKC TR 23882202
COI: 4.6875 %
Heartland's Knight Ryder Heartland's Knight Ryder
AKC TN322546/01
COI: 25 %
Exotic Dream Cycle
AKC TP00911402
Shasha Of Shiloh Shasha Of Shiloh
AKC TR58615402
No data
No data
Kayra's Calif Dream At Trudy's Kayra's Calif Dream At Trudy's
AKC TR35604803
COI: 12.5 %
Kayra's Busting Out Diamonds Kayra's Busting Out Diamonds × 1
AKC TR00069501
COI: 25 %
No data
No data
No data
No data
No data
No data
Trudy's Chit Chat
AKC TR1927002
COI: 3.125 %
Trudy's Country Club Trudy's Country Club × 1
AKC TN86951401
No data
No data
No data
No data
Shimmeree Stormz a Brew'n Wow Shimmeree Stormz a Brew'n Wow × 3
AKC13681501 РКФ 1584518
Dobbi Dizy × 3
RKF1383625 PKR10102
Stolanne's Chrisden Thor Stolanne's Chrisden Thor × 2
RKF0000314 AKC101868/04 PCCI1664L5


РКФ 3853089
1 litter
Парад Планет Ля Флёр
РКФ 4450601
Owner: Kostyleva Ol'ga
Country: Rossiya
City: Moskva