Prestizh Mistral Mazhestic Star "Smarta"

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COI:  0.146484375%
Color:  Orange
Sex:  female
Age:  9 years
Born:  14 февраля 2010
Breeder:  Triputina Svetlana. Pitomnik "Prestizh Mistral" (Minsk)
Owner:  Faizulina Marina. Pitomnik "Shroffaer" (Yalta)
Weight:  2,6 kg
Height:  21,5 cm
Litters:  2 litters
Puppies:  2 puppies


Aljens Sony Alpha Aljens Sony Alpha
Millamor's Makin Music Millamor's Makin Music
Bev-Nor's Brandi Of Millamor
Dominic Of Lenette Dominic Of Lenette
Great Elms Mr Chips Great Elms Mr Chips
Beaver Of Lenette Beaver Of Lenette
Becky Of Lenette
Mac's Morning Star
Mac's Tag Along
Mac's Dan-D-Lion
Solo D'oro
Aljens Sweet Candy Of Lenette
Paughprints On The Mtn Crest Paughprints On The Mtn Crest
No data
No data
No data
No data
Nashobas Crystal N Bronzeboots Nashobas Crystal N Bronzeboots
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico


Year of birth in the interval: 2010 - ?
Дан-Стар-Ком Жакью Лайн
Born: 20 сентября 2009
2 litters 2 puppies
№ pedigree: BCU 097-0004121
1 litter 1 puppy
Бонсари Сикер
№ pedigree: RKF 3202624
Born: 13 января 2012
2 litters 2 puppies
Tryufel Shroffaer
№ pedigree: UKU.0175045
Born: 31 июля 2013
3 litters 3 puppies

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