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Magnetik Medzhik Norton

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COI:  0.1953125%
Color:  Orange
Sex:  Male for breeding
Age:  2 years
Born:  3 марта 2016
Breeder:  Pashchenkova Anna. Pitomnik "Magnetik Medzhik" (Moskva)
Owner:  Burnaikina Yuliya (Saransk)
Co-owner:  Burnaikina Yuliya (Saransk)
Weight:  2,3 kg
Height:  21 cm


Cr Dream A Little Dream Cr Dream A Little Dream × 2
RKF2997035 AKC TS01171001
Great Elms Mr Chips Great Elms Mr Chips × 1
AKC TN19281402
Shyacres Double Deja Vu Shyacres Double Deja Vu
AKC TN99332401
PJ's Sir Richard Of Goldchip PJ's Sir Richard Of Goldchip × 3
AKC TR02232302 RKF1920226
PJ's What a Guy
AKC TN27854602
PJ's Agatha PJ's Agatha × 1
AKC TN55762001
Finch's Flash Back × 1
AKC TM96726401
Cr Dream Mercedes Cr Dream Mercedes × 2
AKC TR65071901 CKC 1122403
Finch's See Me Comin Finch's See Me Comin × 1
AKC TR 22814801
Tokie The Legend Continues Tokie The Legend Continues × 3
THKC TG 11/0778 CKC 1086485
Tokie Mercury Tokie Mercury × 2
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico × 2
CKC EA256756 AKC28431001
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms × 2
CKC KJ674330 AKC TP16427301
Foxworth Frontier Spirit Foxworth Frontier Spirit × 1
CKC HJ 554530 AKC TN 94653201
Bravo's Crystal Clear Of Lenette Bravo's Crystal Clear Of Lenette × 1
RKF2997198 AKC TR70500201
COI: 3.125 %
Angela of Lenette
AKC TP21178502
Jan-Shars N Sync Jan-Shars N Sync × 1
АКС ТР02953204
Canton Black Diamond Canton Black Diamond × 1
AKC TN99180601
Chriscendo Cottage Garden Chriscendo Cottage Garden × 2
CKC TL174068 RKF2343476
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms × 2
CKC KJ674330 AKC TP16427301
Property Exhibit Property Exhibit × 6
RKF2034842 THKC E02111029
Jorjia Of Num Farm Jorjia Of Num Farm × 1
RKF1984665 THKC E04111598
Num Farm's Boom
THKC TF11/0128


Магнетик Мэджик Николетта
Owner: Vasileva Elena
Phone: +79036199407
Email: 6199407@mail.ru
Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Магнетик Мэджик Нэмо
RKF 4550898
1 litter
Owner: Sevostyanova Oksana
Phone: +380979101832
Email: sparta2304@mail.ru
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev