Levenburg Irving Mills

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COI:  0.09765625%
Mark:  ННК9383
Color:  Orange
Sex:  male
Age:  4 years
Born:  11 May 2016
Breeder:  Alekseeva Viktoriya (Sankt-Peterburg)


Cr Chase What Matters Cr Chase What Matters
Paughprints On The Mtn Crest Paughprints On The Mtn Crest
Rodi's Black Gold Rodi's Black Gold
Pomhaven's Oh My Darlin Pomhaven's Oh My Darlin
Starlight's Fun Times Starlight's Fun Times
Windmist Copacabana Windmist Copacabana
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Daystar Indian Summer Daystar Indian Summer
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Stolanne's Chrisden Thor Stolanne's Chrisden Thor
Greenetides Tommy  Of Lenette Greenetides Tommy Of Lenette
Millamor's Makin Music Millamor's Makin Music
Nikki Of Lenette Nikki Of Lenette
Cragles Teke
Lake Buena Vista Tnt Lake Buena Vista Tnt
Becky Of Lenette
Yani Vesta Yani Vesta
Gennius Z Bruniv Gennius Z Bruniv

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