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Divu Divite's Dior "Endi"

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Trudy's Country Club Trudy's Country Club × 1
AKC TN86951401
Jan-Shar's Zsa Zsa × 1
AKC 46386001
Jan-Shar's Sweet Tart Jan-Shar's Sweet Tart
RKF1511576 AKC TP32233002
Jan-Shars N Sync Jan-Shars N Sync × 1
АКС ТР02953204
Jan-Shars N Sync Jan-Shars N Sync × 1
АКС ТР02953204
Canton Black Diamond Canton Black Diamond × 1
AKC TN99180601
Chriscendo Cottage Garden Chriscendo Cottage Garden × 2
CKC TL174068 RKF2343476
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms × 2
CKC KJ674330 AKC TP16427301
Property Exhibit Property Exhibit × 6
RKF2034842 THKC E02111029
Jorjia Of Num Farm Jorjia Of Num Farm × 1
RKF1984665 THKC E04111598
Num Farm's Boom
THKC TF11/0128
Weebit's Matrix × 1
RKF2444129 AKC TR42458301
No data
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No data
No data
Cj's Gay Gvilier Cj's Gay Gvilier
AKC TN37623101
No data
No data
Little Bit-A-Frost Little Bit-A-Frost × 4
RKF1709742 AKC TP06911101
De Gadel Black Timoty × 4
RKF0000671 LOE0809680
RKF 3315456
Damascusroad Dream Of Tahiti Damascusroad Dream Of Tahiti
AKC TR29952401 SHSB 644691
Jenuwane Joy of Pikatchu Jenuwane Joy of Pikatchu × 1
CKC RN029573 SHSB650374
Jolvin's Opaline Peannete Royale Jolvin's Opaline Peannete Royale × 3
RKF1639000 AKC TR 19421901
Ballada Anfara Ballada Anfara
RKF 1209887 PKR 5335
Chai's Harry Potter Chai's Harry Potter × 5
THKC E051101/99 RKF1846463
No data
No data
No data
No data