Courtizane By Lauras

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COI:  1.171875%
Pedigree:  RKF2637248
Color:  Orange
Sex:  female
Age:  10 years
Born:  2 March 2009
Breeder:  Gumauskaite Laura. Pitomnik "Lauras" (Shyaulyai)
Owner:  Akopyan Diana (Kaliningrad)
Litters:  3 litters
Puppies:  3 puppies


Lotta Hoopla By Gernada Lotta Hoopla By Gernada
Foxworth Four On The Floor Foxworth Four On The Floor
Foxworth Fast Lane Foxworth Fast Lane
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Foxworth Fantasia
Jo-Ai Echo's Pride
Tim Sue's Moon Rocket Tim Sue's Moon Rocket
Diogenoir Smoke And Mirrors Diogenoir Smoke And Mirrors
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Razzle Dazzle Hat Dance Razzle Dazzle Hat Dance
Tradition's Legend Of Oakridge Tradition's Legend Of Oakridge
Chriscendo Call Girl Chriscendo Call Girl
Great Elms Mr Chips Great Elms Mr Chips
Aikuaiven Kuettielle Aikuaiven Kuettielle
Tatiana's Lil Southpaw Man Tatiana's Lil Southpaw Man
Mo Beta Star Stopper Mo Beta Star Stopper
Ruby's One Man Show Encore Ruby's One Man Show Encore
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Jan-Shar's Zsa Zsa


Year of birth in the interval: 2011 - ?
Mythical Sense Ability
undefined, PL-0, Eyes-clean
№ pedigree: CKC YQ440064
Born: 17 August 2011
6 litters 6 puppies
Aikuaiven Fortuna
1 litter 1 puppy
Year of birth in the interval: 2009 - ?
Glori Es Tin Kazanova Best
№ pedigree: RKF2410142
Born: 12 December 2008
3 litters 3 puppies
Artemidas Daymonds Arsen Kaznova Best
№ pedigree: RKF2892805 UKU.0096843
1 litter 2 puppies
Damascusroad Ocean Harvestor
PL 0/0
№ pedigree: CKC SY134481
7 litters 7 puppies
Light Of Sun Tai Lauras
№ pedigree: 3961352
Born: 22 March 2014
1 litter 1 puppy

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