Star-Ginter Yunistrim Saksess

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COI:  0.29296875%
Pedigree:  RKF3060770
Mark:  NYR 648
Color:  Black&tan
Sex:  male
Годы жизни:  20 June 2011 - 3 September 2013
Breeder:  Ginter Galina Aleksandrovna. Kennel "Star-Ginter" (Ufa)
Owner:  Tverdokhlebova Elena. Kennel "Solpoms" (Habarovsk)
Weight:  3,2 kg
Height:  24,5 cm


Eldorado Iz Kaskada Grez Eldorado Iz Kaskada Grez
Island's Cr  Skater Boy Island's Cr Skater Boy
Great Elms Mr Chips Great Elms Mr Chips
Shyacres Double Deja Vu Shyacres Double Deja Vu
PJ's Sir Richard Of Goldchip PJ's Sir Richard Of Goldchip
PJ's What a Guy
PJ's Agatha PJ's Agatha
P J's Fancy Face P J's Fancy Face
Finch's Flash Back
Starlight's Season Of The Sun Starlight's Season Of The Sun
Tokie Mercury Tokie Mercury
Foxworth Fantasia
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Starlight's Sunshine Day
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Windmist Copacabana Windmist Copacabana
Chriscendo Classico Chriscendo Classico
Jan-Shars Cover Girl Jan-Shars Cover Girl
Jan-Shars N Sync Jan-Shars N Sync
Tookeys Welsh Gold Tookeys Welsh Gold
Tookeyes Toy Boy Tookeyes Toy Boy
Tradition's Legend Of Oakridge Tradition's Legend Of Oakridge
Jan-Shars Lexus Jan-Shars Lexus
Doo-Shay's Absolute Doo-Shay's Absolute
Stolanne's Stormy Sequel Stolanne's Stormy Sequel
No data No data
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Star-Ginter Unique Eboni
№ pedigree: РКФ 3060672
Born: 20 June 2011
3 litters 4 puppies
Star-Ginter Yurai Hip
№ pedigree: RKF3060671
Born: 20 June 2011
1 litter 4 puppies

Added: Елена Твердохлебова