Evridey Star Leroy "Roi"
Klein spitz

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Not for breeding
COI:  0.048828125%
Pedigree:  RKF 4558286
Tattoo/Chip:  AVZ 6699
Color:  Wolf-sable
Sex:  male
Age:  2 years
Born:  14 февраля 2016
Breeder:  Makarkina Tatyana. Pitomnik "Evridei Star" (Kaluga)
Owner:  Bezelyuk Svetlana (Sankt-Peterburg)
Weight:  4kg kg
Height:  25 cm


Флаффи Мэджик Магистр Flaffi Medzhik Magistr × 1
COI: 0.1953125 %
Chriscendo Call Waiting Chriscendo Call Waiting × 4
CKC UW271460 THKC E10100012
Chriscendo Call To Arms Chriscendo Call To Arms × 2
CKC KJ674330 AKC TP16427301
Foxworth Frontier Spirit Foxworth Frontier Spirit × 1
CKC HJ 554530 AKC TN 94653201
Chriscendo Call Girl Chriscendo Call Girl × 1
AKC TP32491501
Tokie The Legend Continues Tokie The Legend Continues × 3
THKC TG 11/0778 CKC 1086485
Tokie Mercury Tokie Mercury × 2
Oriental Star's Eye Catcher
THKC E08110590
COI: 3.125 %
Great Elms Mr Chips Great Elms Mr Chips × 1
AKC TN19281402
Nifertiti × 1
RKF 2832586
Finch's See Me Comin Finch's See Me Comin × 1
AKC TR 22814801
Aj's Laralie Aj's Laralie
AKC TR36431403
Tabitha Of Lenette Tabitha Of Lenette
AKC TR15392101
Rd Sweet Winter Cherry For Am Rd Sweet Winter Cherry For Am
RKF 2387527 AKC TR59784304
Beautiful Star's Bonny Beautiful Star's Bonny × 4
RKF2049458 THKC E07110365
Pettistree Shades Of Gold
AKC TN71840801 THKC E04100062
Гарольд Garold × 1
Челла Chella
RKF 1197051
Фабио Fabio
Huszkavirag Hilary
MET SPITZ 3916/96
Sighard Of Chiao Li Ya Sighard Of Chiao Li Ya
RKF2997586, KCC00172/11
COI: 6.25 %
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Janesa's For The Thrill Of It Janesa's For The Thrill Of It
RKF1457369 AKC10336101
Huszkavirag Hilary
MET SPITZ 3916/96
Kolabuk Kolabuk × 1
RKF2188876 AKC TR70971201
R-H Mary's Boy
AKC TD203063
K-L Judith
AKC TN22098903
Feli Vyzel Feli Vyzel × 5
RKF 1584108 CMKU 8040/03
Zenit Vyzel Zenit Vyzel × 4
RKF 1716316 CMKU 7227/01/02